Friday, September 12, 2008

Shea Stadium: Exploration, A Rain Delay and Goodbye

wouldn't you know it... it is still raining and there is no sign of it letting up. That's the bad news. The good news is that Oweghn could really care less if there is a game. He has a hot dog, some cotton candy and a huge, empty stadium to explore with Daddy, and so explore we did.

Of course, the exploration came after we re-energized with some ballpark dogs and a quick stop by the Mets store to gear up on the standard collectibles (baseball and mini-bat) and a home-team cap for Oweghn.

Since it was raining and the seats were wet, we found a dry spot on the covered concourse and enjoyed the hot dog (I was able to enjoy a commemorative Bud Light). We also got a big bucket of cotton candy (one of the essential pieces of memorabilia that never seems to make it back home).

Once we had eaten our fill, we headed out to explore the wet and empty stadium. Oweghn discovered his favorite seat, actually, it was every seat along the top row of the stadium from which he could see Manhatten, the stadium across the way, the trains and the weather. As the upper rows were actually covered, there were people sitting up there, and I quickly learned how quick and elusive Oweghn can be as he dashed over, under and between people and their seats as he headed towards the edge of the stadium. I stumbled after him as best I could but he quickly distanced himself. Once a caught up, we had a fun little photoshoot up in the stands.

Eventually we made it down to where our seats were, well, would have been if there had been a game. Again, something Oweghn won't figure out until he reads this and sees these pics but man, what an experience that would have been! BTW, we got these tickets and the tickets for the Yankees game off of StubHub and I'm impressed (now if we can incorporate their stadium maps into SideStreet).

Here is a little video:

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